What did you think of this podcast? What did you like most? What could be better?

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Feb 24, 2021Liked by Michelle Tandler

Start uploading Youtube versions of the full interviews. And edit clips that focus on specific issues ideally (5-15 min) long with titles about said issue. You want people to be able to easily share opinions on social media. As likes and shares go up people feel more comfortable with common sense ideas and not just endlessly progressive utopians ideas that sound nice but are destructive to the city. Ideally build a large platform and subscribers and then run for something. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Feb 22, 2021Liked by Michelle Tandler

I commented over at Twitter, too. Michelle, Thomas's story and his common-sense ideas give me so much hope that the issues we have in this once-beautiful city are not unsolvable. We just need the right people--people who actually care and have constructive action-based implementable ideas, as opposed to professionally ambitious politician glad-handers or overwrought, misguided do-gooders. How can we get Thomas and his teammates put in charge??

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Jun 19, 2021Liked by Michelle Tandler

That was a great interview. The city needs drug treatment facilities and more supportive housing with job training facilities. However, I noticed that some homeless attorneys are against it, citing that they have the right to be homeless (???) It's just unbelievable. These homeless people (and one with drugs addiction problems) need helps, we don't have to listen to these attorneys (who's probably making some money out of other people's miseries). The city should not build those proposed "safe shooting" places which (to me - after watching/reading about one in Vancouver) would promote more drug abused.

One thing that was a good thing that Tom pointed out is the importance of the location of the supportive housing facilities to be away from the drug center/Tenderloin.

Rhode Island has a good program too:


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Absolutely one of the best interviews I've heard this year. We are facing a huge problem in Southern California. Before Covid I would take the train to work and see the number of tents growing along the tracks. And forget going into Union Station to see the tourist spots in LA. City hall is a forest of tents. T Wolf thank you for clarifying what is going on and what you think is not working and what is working and for giving us some places to start.

What an amazing journey you have taken to get you here. I hope in the future you are on the board of something, as a leader, because most of our leaders fail us.

Thank you, thank you~


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